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Hardwood Hearts


I can only speak for hearts as I rarely play spades, but I am sure this is a problem in all the games to some degree. The same person or persons has been playing with 2 pc's in hearts for years now and there has to have been thousands of reports about the cheating that is going on and nothing is ever done. Since admin apparently doesn't have time to actually review any games that have been reported I suggest that a committee ...more »

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All Games

Forum Link In Game

These forums are so slow. A lot of players seem to be completely unaware they even exist. We see players saying this in HW euchre all the time. Why not put a direct link to them in game? Above the lobby menu perhaps? It may encourage players to visit and participate here, exchange ideas and maybe even find tips on how to better their play. It can only be a good thing.



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Hardwood Spades

Improve stalling time option

In many games players stall EVERY deal, yet when someone tries to remove them we get that message about 2 minutes or "continually stalling".....they ARE continually stalling and still cannot be removed from the game!!! I feel this needs to be updated to where "continually stalling" refers to, at least, a certain number of times the player stalls the game.

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Timer for bot to be placed

If at all possible. Spades really needs a timer as to when a bot can replace a player.

Players are botting and taking points, when a game is close. Unfair and I personally thinking cheating.

Guides when available do make them kick the bot. When they aren't, it's bot time, easy win time.

A suggestion of 1 minute or 2 minutes. We have a lot of people that will sub.

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